The New Manager Blueprint

Master the 3C's of Management: Communication, Consistency, and Common Sense

Feeling Lost as a New Manager?

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Throughout this program we'll be developing skills in Communication, Consistency, and Common Sense that will help new and first time managers feel like pros.

You'll go from feeling overwhelmed and underprepared to having increased confidence on your own abilities to lead and manage. You'll gain a variety of tools you can incorporate into your approach with your team.

Course Overview

There are three phases in the program taking you through the transformation. Each phase is broken down into three steps, for a total of nine areas of focus. We'll cover one step each week for the duration of the program.

We'll have formal training sessions once each week and a Q&A call each week to address any questions or that have come up as part of the training.

We'll also use that time to talk through specific situations with your team and examples from my experiences- both what worked and what didn't.

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